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Information Technology

In my professional life I have given presentations or spoken to members of the press on several occassions. A small selection of links and references can be found here.

In the press


Besides the presentations listed here I have given several others on Linux, OS/2, VMware and Networking for companies or other private organisations.



I studied archaeology at the University of Leiden in the Netherlands from 1994 till 1999. During my study and afterwards I have written some articles and given some presentations.

Presentations and lessons

For the Gymnasium Bernrode, the grammar school which I attended from 1988 till 1994 I gave a couple of presentations:

  • Information on archaeology as a profession for students who were interested in the field.
  • A lesson on archaeology for fourth grade students in 2004
  • A lesson on Roman archaeology and the Imperial Fora and the Palatine for fifth grade students in 2006

In September 1999 I presented my graduation research on Etruscan city walls during the fifth annual EAA conference in Bournemouth.


During my studies at Leiden University I have written a couple of articles on several topics. The last work I’ve written so far is my graduation paper, which has not been published, but which is available upon request.

  • Enckevort, David. van: “Archeologie & Internet,” Profiel, Vol 7-1, Leiden April 1997 (ISSN 0927-9318), pp. 17-20
  • Enckevort, David van: “Een Inheems Romeins Grafveld – Verslag van de opgravingen van de VU in Tiel Passewaaij,” Profiel, Vol 7-2, Leiden December 1997 (ISSN 0927-9318), pp. 17-20
  • Enckevort, David van: “Vinger aan de pols bij de commerciële archeologie,” p.i.t., Vol 1, Leiden April 1999, pp. 19-22
  • Enckevort, David van: “Recensie p.i.t.,” Profiel, Vol 8-3, Leiden June 1999 (ISSN 0927-9318), pp. 47-48
  • Enckevort, David van: Etruscan City Walls – A Comparative Study of the Etruscan City Walls (Part I & II), Leiden, August 1999

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