Some software and software patches available for download:

  • -Source code for an OS/2 program to monitor keyboard and mouse activity and warn if it exceeds a certain threshold.
  • – Source code for an OS/2 PM application to show the ASCII character table.
  • – Source code for an OS/2 daemon to use the Irman infrared receiver to control your system. Uses REXX for scripting.
  • – Source code of Sound Scheme Manager, a program to edit and create OS/2 Warp 4 sound schemes.
  • – Source code for an OS/2 System information program that can extract various OS/2 system parameters.
  • – Source code for an OS/2 extended delete program that can delete entire directories.
  • – Examples REXX programs for the WPS
  • – A patch for sysklogd-1.4.1-41 from RedHat Enterprise Linux to fix an issue where it might fail to initialise.

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